Veterinary Health


Health/Vaccinations: All records and updates must be provided at least one week prior to each boarding event (as required).

Required vaccinations for boarding include:

Be in process with your vets puppy program.

all dogs must be current
Bordatella: within last six months
Distemper/Parvo*: There are many variations of this combo vaccine. Your dog must be current in his/her prescribed program.

*There is much debate as to the effectiveness and necessity for annual shots for this regimen. We will accept a titer test for this vaccination for adult dogs. We require the titer test to have been done within the last year if you choose not to vaccinate for DHLPP. As with all vaccinations, please have your veterinarian FAX (425-415-7768) over proof of titer test.

Dogs must be neutered or spayed accept for puppies under the age of one year.

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