Puppy Life I


Our puppy classes are for puppies between 12 and 15 weeks at the start of the class. This is the ideal time to start your dog’s education off on the right foot. This is a training class that focuses on teaching puppies in the way they learn best. We focus on teaching the behaviors most important to becoming a safe, happy, cherished member of the family throughout their life including:

  • Come when called, Sit, Lie down, Walk politely on leash, Greet people without jumping up on them, Calm, quiet behavior when needed, and more…

More important, this class teaches you how to teach your dog – not just in a classroom training session, but whenever and wherever you’re interacting with him. If your puppy is awake, your puppy is learning. We use the most innovative clicker training based on solid scientific research. We want to help you guide your puppy to practice what you want him to learn.

Other topics covered are non-verbal commands, body language, communication, and tips on grooming, nail trimming, pill taking, crate training, potty training, nipping, barking, and jumping.  Socializing is an essential part of structuring your canine’s behavior.  Our classes offer opportunities for puppies to play together and learn through games, and scavenger hunts.

Puppy class is a very wise investment and we guarantee a fun and educational experience for puppy and your family.  Children are welcome to attend!

For schedule and to register click here. www.allthingspawsitive.com

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