Private Training


Train on your schedule – not someone else’s!  I know your time is valuable and limited.  There often aren’t enough hours in the day for all your pursuits and responsibilities.  So stay where you are in the comfort of your own home and I’ll come to you.

If in-home training is right for your schedule, let’s discuss what you and your dog should learn.  You’re in charge of the curriculum.  You tell me what your goals are and I’ll design a training plan to reach your goals and specific needs.  We can work on anything you’d like including: challenging behaviors, tricks, house training or canine sports. I can also accommodate kids with dogs or new puppies.  I’ll customize a training plan that satisfies you, your dog, and your family’s objectives.  I want the time you devote to training your dog to be the highlight of your week as you build your relationship with your dog.  It will be a special hour for you and your pet without the hassle of travel time.  You will love your perfectly-behaved best friend even more!

Call or email me today to schedule some focused, private training time for your dog.  425-415-SPOT or